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Santoshi Arogyam Diets

Welcome to Santoshi Arogyam for specialized diet like low cholesterol diet

Welcome to Santoshi Arogyam for specialized diet like low cholesterol diet

Welcome to Santoshi Arogyam for specialized diet like low cholesterol dietWelcome to Santoshi Arogyam for specialized diet like low cholesterol dietWelcome to Santoshi Arogyam for specialized diet like low cholesterol diet

What We Do

Weight Management


Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss. You can exercise as much as you'd like but if you are not eating healthy, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss, and vice versa. We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your goals. 

Therapeutic Diet Management

 A therapeutic diet is prescribed to meet a medical or special nutritional needs of the person. It is part of a clinical treatment and in some cases can be the principle treatment of a condition. Whenever a individual has a therapeutic diet prescribed by a Doctor or medical professional as per the medical condition like, Raised Uric Acid levels, High Level of sugar & Cholesterol, dearranged liver and kidney profile, intestinal bowel obstruction, crohn's Disease, Gluten sensitivity, Lactose intolerance, antenatal complications, gestational diabetes, pregnancy complications like PIH and GDM, Low iron level, Weight reduction after delivery and other various medical conditions.

Our goal is to help you change the way you perceive food and fitness, and develop a positive body image. If you struggle with any of the medical condition you should  know that we believe clients can recover and live a healthy, happy life with therapeutic diet management. best diet for weight loss

Pregnancy and Lactation Diets

 Some women experience health problems during pregnancy. These complications can involve the mother's health, the fetus's health, or both. Even women who were healthy before getting pregnant can experience complications.  Some common complications of pregnancy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Gestational Diabetes mellitus 
  • Pregnancy Induced  Hypertension
  • Anemia 



Apoorva Saini


  • MSc Food Science and Nutrition
  • Diploma of Diabetes Educator 
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Ugc Net 
  • B.ed, D.EL.ED
  • Diploma in Statistical Analysis and techniques



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Radio Broad cast-


· Radio Talk: Nutrition during Pregnancy & Lactation period, AKASHWANI RAMPUR (Pariwar Jagat Program)

· Radio Talk: Nutrition for kids, AKASHWANI RAMPUR (Broadcast in

ANCHAL Program: 1:10pm 4 December 2017)



· Lifetime member of Indian dietetic Association


· Certificate (ESPEN) of Malnutrition Assessment and outcomes in Hospitalized Critically Ill – Patients (from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition)


· Seminar certificate- Anthropometry and practices

Santoshi Arogyam Diets

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